Saturday, October 1, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: the pistol annies.

i saw the pistol annies' debut performance on tv months and months ago and gushed about them to you immediately. now their debut album hell on heels is out and it's on repeat in my car. indefinitely. they are super bluesy and even super bluegrass-y. and very edgy. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if the title track becomes jason bentley's first venture into country music on morning becomes electic. just saying, jason. keep your skinnies on.

their controversial attitudes and song topics have definitely sparked some wholesome country freakouts. they sing about being gold-diggers (tongue-in-cheek obvi. these girls are filthy rich themselves, especially ms. queen of country lambert), not being able to choose among all the adorable boys in the south and how there's no way around it but to just love them all (you know. LOVE them all), and in that same vein, there's a sad little number about a shameful shotgun wedding, one about burning down your house, and another about leasing your trailer to get back at the deadbeat on your couch. yes, it's controversial in the jesus-loving, tractor-driving world of country music, but it's a side of life that should be expressed as well and these girls are hot. they even have nicknames!
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on your left you've got ashley monroe, aka hippie annie, who's done work with the raconteurs in the past, and in my mind, is the indie rock/folk side of this operation.
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next is angaleena presley (ummm any connection? i'll check into that stat, i promise), to the right, aka holler annie. i'm kinda seeing her as the head of this gang. she has a super bluesy, sweet voice and often stands in the middle. maybe because she's the brunette.

and of course, let's not forget our little lone star annie, miranda lambert. how awesome for her to start such a fun, folky, and feisty side project (didn't mean for all that alliteration, but let's go with it) even though she and her gorgeous husbie wusbie never need to work again.
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