Wednesday, November 16, 2011

branching out: LIONEL RICHIE.

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yup, that's not a typo kiddies. LIONEL RICHIE is doing a country album! i saw him on the red carpet coverage of the cma awards and knew there must be something up. after discussing with some skeptics (greta, this one's for you!) exactly how a country album by the star of the oh-so-compelling "hello" music video would go, i dug up the real story and am legitimately excited about it now.

you know how kcrw's been playing the be-jesus out of u2's achtung baby tribute album? (if you haven't heard it, it's pretty awesome--damien rice's "one" cover is my fave. check it out here.) WELL, lionel richie's "tuskegee" album is gonna be kind of like that. he's turning his greatest hits into country duets! and NO ONE loves a country duet more than annie git your gun, that's for damn sure.  if this video i uncovered doesn't get you more rabidly stoked than a pack of "team jacob" shirts at tomorrow's breaking dawn premiere, i don't know what will.

branching out.
here's the complete track listing of the upcoming album:
1. "You Are" with Blake Shelton
2. "Say You, Say Me" with Jason Aldean
3. "Stuck On You" with Darius Rucker
4. "Deep River Woman" with Little Big Town
5. "My Love" with Kenny Chesney
6. "Dancing On The Ceiling" with Rascal Flatts
7. "Hello" with Jennifer Nettles
8. "Sail On" with Tim McGraw
9. "Endless Love" with Shania Twain
10. "Just For You" with Billy Currington
11. "Lady" with Kenny Rogers
12. "Easy" with Willie Nelson
13. "All Night Long" with Jimmy Buffett

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