Thursday, November 24, 2011

thankin my lucky stars.

i mentioned in my very first post ever in the history of annie git your gun that i turned to country music because it was uplifting, and people were singing about how happy they were even being stuck behind a god-fearin', hard-workin' combine driver, hoggin' up the road on his p-p-p-p-plower, (can't take credit for those lines. international harvester by craig morgan). and this morning i woke up singing me some tunes that reminded me of how thankful i am for this crazy life of an amazing family, loving friends, a cute little home of my own, and a boyfriend who got me tickets to see lady antebellum with darius rucker in march! holllaaahhh.
1. alright by darius rucker.

2. my front porch looking in by lonestar.

3. rain is a good thing by luke bryan (just in case it rains this weekend!)

4. and the ultimate thanskgiving song, the father of all thanksgiving songs, the one that made me tear up as i watched it in my living room this morning because i LOVE him, this by darius rucker.

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