Saturday, December 24, 2011

baby it's cold outside.

go country 105 is giving kost 103 a run for its money by playing some amazingly twangy christmas songs, including baby it's cold outside by lady antebellum.  i found this adorable video of them performing the song way back in 2008. their live show is so polished that i even stopped looking at that crazy guitarist with the pigtails in the background. what in the world!? charles and hillary are smiling like fools as they sing (especially when charles tells hillary her lips look delicious. awkward.) and dave is grinning along, enjoying every second. simply adorbs. it's amazing to look back at this sensational group and not really be able to say "wow, look how far they've come!" because, well, they were just as amazing on day one!

have a great christmas eve everybody. if anybody knows how to rock this holiday, it's all them crazy christian country artists, so crank it up in the name of jesus tonight! xoxo

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