Monday, April 25, 2011

girls' night out.

i missed friday night's "girls' night out: superstars of country" special on cbs (which, by the way, won in ratings for the night) because i had a gala to attend. i know, i'm like, REALLY fancy. anyway, unless this baby's hittin netflix anytime soon, it looks like i'm out of luck. however, i did score this youtube video of the debut performance of...wait for it...THE PISTOL ANNIES. i know! what a pleasant surprise. it's like they knew i was coming. its miranda lambert's new side project, and just in case you didn't know, miranda lambert won best everything at this year's acm awards (and by everything i mean top female vocalist, single of the year, song of the year, and video of the year for "the house that built me," which, incidentally, made me cry the first time i heard it). she also won a grammy for that song.

the first minute of this video is precious banter between miranda and her adorable fiance (also a super famous country star), blake shelton. he is most definitely the justin to her britney. and of course the song, "hell on heels" is so playful and sexy. i'm pretty obsessed, what with being the namesake and all. their harmonies and entire performance in general are so tight that at one point in the video, you can see carrie underwood shakin in her boots from the audience. that pun wasn't intended, but i'll take it!

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