Wednesday, April 27, 2011



so brad paisley's adorable. and he always wears a cowboy hat to downplay his even more adorable dumbo ears. i thought he was just one of the cute young southern boys on the radio these days, but he's kind of a big deal. he's had 16 singles reach #1 on the billboard hot country chart (my favorite is probably "he didn't have to be" despite the cheese--i mean, that's kind of the whole point). i'm trying to get over the goofiness of "online," which, if i'm successful, will probably be #2. and while "i'm still a guy" makes me smile, the pretty macho/borderline homophobic lyrics make me a little nervous. after all, west hollywood is right in my backyard.

he's won something like a million awards since his debut in 1999, including the acm for male vocalist of the year EVERY year since 2007! is that even allowed!? who is he, oprah?? he's also an unbelievable guitarist and perhaps BEST OF ALL, i think every guitar of his i've seen has a paisley finish. get it? like his last name!? come on, that's adorable.



in fact, one of his latest singles, "this is country music" should really be the theme song for this blog. take a listen. it's the best explanation for why country music is amazing.

This is Country Music (web radio edit)
found at Dilandau MP3

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