Saturday, April 23, 2011

facing the music.

{dixie chicks. photo from}

have you ever gotten so tired of your music library that by the time you've gone from A to Z twice you don't even want to listen to music anymore? or have you ever been stuck in traffic and just PRAYING that ONE good song comes on before you get off the freeway, just to make it all worth it? on one particularly stressful drive home about six months ago, "billionaire" came on the radio. it really struck a nerve. i thought to myself, i want to be a billionaire so freakin bad too, bruno. but i'm not gonna sit here and cry about it. i wanted someone on the radio to agree with me. i was even tired of lady gaga. and a little over half the time, kcrw is just too weird to like. and kroq's stuck-in-the-era-of-korn-and-the-offspring playlist gives me uncomfortable middle school flashbacks.

dare i try go country 105? has my musical apathy come down to accepting with open arms this entirely new genre about which i know nothing besides the words to a dixie chicks medley my choir teacher made us do in the tenth grade? (when my mama says i look good in white, i'm gonna be ready this time!) yes. a million times, yes! so i dove in and never looked back. and pretty soon, i turned to my boyfriend from the passenger seat one day and popped the question: do you think it would be okay if i made one of your radio presets 105.1? he sighed and said, i was afraid this day would come. do you promise that being a country music fan will be your only republican tendency for as long as we both shall live?

i do.

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