Tuesday, September 6, 2011

country ink: ANSWERS!

see how you did on yesterday's oh-so-titillating tattoo puzzle!

[photo credit: countrymusicfever.com]
1. the lovely lady with the treble clef on her foot is hillary scott from lady antebellum.

[photo credit: people.com]

2. one of the more visible tattoos on country ladies today is the one that adorns miranda lambert's forearm: two crossed 6-shooters with angel wings.

3. dreamy keith urban adorns his forearm with a thunderbird, and has several other tattoos elsewhere.
[photo credit: allaccess.com]
4. definitely the more bubbly half of sugarland, jennifer nettles, bears the inspiring inscription "believe" on the outside of her wrist.

[photo credit: yallwire.com]

5. i thought blake shelton's tattoo was fish swimming upstream, you know, as a sign of determination and perseverance, obvi. (i can't help it. i was an english major in college. my life was the explication of symbolism.) TURNS OUT, he's quite the outdoorsman, and this tat is actually a trail of deer tracks, you know, as a sign of staying focused and following your dreams, obvi. i can't turn it off!

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