Tuesday, March 13, 2012

people taylor swift earned more money than in 2011

taylor swift was the world's highest earning music star in 2011. let's talk about this for a second. WORLD'S highest earning music star. not just in the united states. not just country music. ALL of the world! ALL of the music! to this i just kind of stare off into space for a few minutes and say "dzzzang girl!" here are some of the lazy bums taylor out-earned in 2011.

{photo credit: celebrityhappening.com}
1.  u2 
these irish rockstars raked in a mere $32 million. and there are more of them than there are of taylor! inexcusable.

2. lady gaga
lady gaga, whom i happen to dislike, earned a pittance at $25.3 million. ha! maybe people are finally listening to me and getting over her weirdness for the sake of weirdness and her lack of a good party song since that adorable east coast elementary school choir sang just dance.  remember those guys? adorable.

{photo credit: examiner.com}

3. lil wayne

lil wayne came up rather short with only $23 million last year, but in his defense, didn't he spend some of that time in prison? and also in his defense, isn't his greatest stuff those mix tapes that are always being leaked online?

4. adele

adele just got by last year with a modest $13 million. the poor girl had health issues with her throat surgery and had to cancel a bunch of shows, but such laziness will not be tolerated next year i'll have you know!

{photo credit: zimbio.com}
5. paul mccartney

 paul mccartney, one of the many loves of my life, is getting old. i mean, he didn't even break $10 million last year, coming up quite short at only $6.2. we can all take a valuable lesson from this: just sit on your laurels as if you're one of the biggest rockstars of all time and don't do anything all year and you'll be punished with an embarrassing $6-7 million.

6. kanye west
dear sweet kanye west, coming in last on our list with a mere $5 million. all i have to say is, DO NOT INTERRUPT QUEEN TAYLOR WHEN SHE IS SPEAKING! for a quick trip down memory lane, let's just watch that debacle one more time, pretty please?


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