Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tim McGraw's Emotional Traffic Kicks Off 2012

{photo thanks to www.savingcountrymusic.com}
The announcement of Tim McGraw's January 24th release date for his latest record Emotional Traffic officially starts the 2012 country music ball rolling!  Yes, I once knew him only as Mr. Faith Hill, oft to be confused with the other country artist formerly known to me only as Mr. Nicole Kidman. And yes, I watched The Blind Side in its entirety without realizing who played the husband.  And yes, then he was just another silly thing Taylor Swift says in her silly little songs. But now that I'm totally an important country music person (what do you mean I'm not?) Tim McGraw is officially on my radar (and Taylor, I'll admit I crank those silly little songs up as high as they'll go more often than I would like mentioned).  So forgive me, won't you?

But anyway, my next question is, what do you mean Felt Good On My Lips was the first single off this record!?  Do you know how long that mother-lovin' song (as they say) has been on the radio!?  I mean, I'm not complaining--I adore the thought of Tim McGraw sipping on a little mellow yellow umbrella'd cocktail as much as the next girl--but that was 2010! That's like, two years ago.  Naturally, I poked around the interwebs and realized that Felt Good On My Lips was originally released as a new track on Tim's Number One Hits record from 2010, and now it's being re-released so it can be part of a real record family. Ah yes, now it makes sense, no?  Because I was about to say, I know y'all take things a little slow out in the country but THIS is ridiculous.

So in actuality, he's doing the big-but-not-hardcore Tim McGraw fans a favor this way.  Those of you who have all his previous records and didn't want to buy his Number One Hits because you hate those pesky little duplicates that litter your iTunes library and were thus depriving yourselves of the single can now purchase Emotional Traffic worry-free, have that first single as well, and keep your music libraries repeat-free.

Oh Tim, you sweetheart, you think of everything.
tim the sweetheart.

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