Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who Is Jessie James?

a) the guy who cheated on Sandra Bullock.
b) a Billy the Kid type cowboy person.
c) some hot girl having something to do with Katy Perry.
Come back next week for the answer!
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I'm just kidding, you silly-willies!  The answer is c.  Jessie James is some hot girl for whom Katy Perry helped write the song Bullet as a fun pop country single for Jessie James' self-titled debut record released in 2009.  The Katy Perry demo just leaked online and everybody (and by everybody I may or may not mean just me) was freaking out saying, "Wtf! First Demi Lovato, then Norah Jones (more about her this week), now Katy Perry!? These pop music vultures are totally ruining indie rock country music!"  I know it's not very hospitable of me, but the not-so-dormant indie rock fan in me gets really possessive about music sometimes (imagine my college freshman horror when Fall Out Boy got signed, or worse, when Vampire Weekend made it onto TRL).  Anyway, take a listen below and let me know what you think of Katy's leak. And more importantly, what do you think about Jessie James' performance for some awesome fans in Alabama?

Katy Perry - Bullet (Demo for Jessie James) from agarsal via Roughstock

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