Tuesday, June 21, 2011

smalltown, USA

i heard some justin moore on the radio this morning and thought to myself, "how many of today's country superstars are actually from small towns in the south, dreaming of making it big in nashville?" so i did some research and here are the quaintest of the quaint, with most of them being smaller than the population of my high school!
smalltown, usa.
toby keith
hometown: clinton, OK
population: 9,033

9,000 is a respectable size for a little ol' city.

miranda lambert
hometown: lindale, TX
population: 5,024

5,000 is just over the population of my high school. i'd say that's enough to inspire miranda's 2007 hit, famous in a small town.

carrie underwood
hometown: checotah, OK
population: 3,481

alright. we are officially below the glendale high school mark.

george strait
hometown: poteet, TX
population: 3,305

tim mcgraw
hometown: delhi, LA
population: 3,066

trisha yearwood
hometown: monticello, GA
population: 2,428

brad paisley
hometown: glen dale, WV
(not to be confused with glendale, ca, home of yours truly)
population: 1,552

kenny chesney
hometown: luttrell, TN
population: 915

915 is about the size of the senior class at my high school. wowza.

justin moore
hometown: poyen, AK
population: 272

martina mcbride
hometown: sharon, KS
population: 158

the troubadour in west hollywood holds a capacity of about 450 people on the main floor and the balconies. this means that you could fit EVERYBODY in justin moore's and martina mcbride's towns COMBINED if they did a joint concert there. WHAT DO YOU EVEN MEAN!?

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