Thursday, June 23, 2011

SAY WHAT: live oak.

live oak.

in the house that built me, which was arguably the hugest country song last year (it won acm awards for song, record, AND video of the year, the grammy for best female country vocal performance, and cma awards for song AND music video of the year), miranda lambert goes back to the house she grew up in to get back in touch with who she really is. of course, someone else lives there now, so miranda asks super nicely, "if i can walk around, i swear i leave. won't take nothin but a memory from the house that built me." (see what she did there? not the house that she built. but the house that built her. that's called anthropomorphism for all you literature buffs).

anywho, so in describing said memories, she includes a memory of her favorite dog being buried "under that live oak." one of the many times i was blasting this in my boyfriend's car, he turned to me and said, "what's a live oak? as opposed to the dead oak in the neighbor's yard?" although at the time i said something along the lines of "get off my miranda, she's PERFECT!" i can now admit i was curious as well.

the southern live oak (also known as the texas live oak, or the evergreen oak) is a species of oak tree that stays beautifully green and "live" looking all year long, unlike other species of oak, whose bare branches look "dead" through the winter months. apparently they are very common throughout the south, and the live oak is even georgia's state tree. so you see, it's actually very crucial that we know exactly what a live oak is if we want to better appreciate country music and our favorite country stars' surroundings from here on out. to hear miranda use it in a sentence, click below.

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