Friday, June 17, 2011

COUNTRY BADASS: willie nelson.

so last week, willie nelson reached a plea deal in his marijuana case. yes, willie nelson is 78 years
old. yes, the drugs were confiscated from his tour bus. so yes, he is obvi a danger to society and was single-handedly hindering our nation's war on drugs. in fact, here is my other favorite badass--snoop dogg--on a rant of his own about the audacity of arresting willie nelson for marijuana. no really. stop reading and click on the link. i'll be here when you get back i promise.

the moral of the day, kiddies: respect yo motha-f*ckin elders.

for more fun with the abuse of process (yes, i am studying for the bar exam, and yes, the wrongful use of process for the purpose of accomplishing an ulterior purpose can in fact be a tort), one of the prosecutors even joked that he'd let willie off if he performed blue eyes crying in the rain. don't worry willie, i got this one.

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  1. !!! Thank you.

    (and that Snoop Dogg interview was amazing too.)