Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH: bob dylan v. merle haggard

like any other liberal californian with a higher education, i like hippies. i like their music, their love affair with peace (and each other), their sense of solidarity and activism, and their fashion. and although i'm pretty terrified of mind-altering drugs and would probably have opted to stay in the van instead of slip and slide in the mud at woodstock, i love that the hippies stuck daisies down rifles, drove "buggy daddies," and grew their hair out regardless of the high risk of frizz and flyaways in humid and breezy san francisco. and i LOVE bob dylan.

listening to country music, however, got me thinking: what was the rest of the country doing in the 60s? wait a second. were there those that DIDN'T love bob dylan? if hippies were crazy, anti-war liberals, does that mean there were pro-war republicans running around somewhere? OF COURSE THERE WERE! and chances are they were country music fans, kids! enter merle haggard, the hand-holdin', leather boot wearin', college dean respectin' okie from muskogee.

i wonder who would win in a fight.


  1. Dylan would win! ... and then put on his black wayfarers and say he was never competing in the first place.

    LOVE this. And here I thought I was the only self proclaimed hippie lover at school. No mention of Nashville Skyline, though? This being a country music blog and all.

  2. haha yes excellent point. and that's prob EXACTLY what he would say.