Friday, June 3, 2011

shania gets a star!

is this shania's come-back year or what!? she was awarded her very own star on the hollywood walk of fame yesterday afternoon, and right in front of the W hotel at that. only the best for this classy country lady. it's about time too! doesn't hollywood know that shania twain is responsible for pretty much every gorgeous wedding song there is? (you're still the one, from this moment on, and my sister's lovely choice for her wedding, forever and for always).

shania was on oprah for the first time since the whole love quadrangle mess of her divorce a little while ago, she was on ellen promoting her new tell-all book, and now this much deserved hollywood gesture. let's hope this was precisely the push shania needed to come out with some new music. but wait, there's more! her adorable new husband, frederic thiebaud, was with her to celebrate the important milestone.
sorry mutt, but can we say upgrade!?

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