Wednesday, June 1, 2011

idol's done gone country again!

you may remember me swooning over josh turner a month ago. well lo and behold, look what i dug up to celebrate the best thing to happen to american idol since carrie underwood!

can we talk about scotty mcreery's audition skills for a minute? first of all, he is just as cute and clean as can be--not distracting the judges with an overly trendy mallrat outfit like his female counterparts all too often do, or hitting them over the head with a gimmicky cowboy hat. he immediately grabs the judges' attention with his post-puberty voice, signaling star potential right off the bat (you can see j lo's money-making wheels start turning as she perks up a bit in her seat). and then what does he do with this markedly low voice? channel hunky josh turner! WELL DONE scotty-wotty!

in fact, in the final episodes where the finalists return to their respective hometowns, josh turner (also a fellow north carolina boy) surprised scotty with an onstage duet. adorable! let's see what happens with this one, guys. after all, country music definitely knows how to take care of its own.

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