Saturday, April 30, 2011


alright kiddies, onto round two. here are my picks for day 2 of the stagecoach music festival.
this band has a really laid back sound, especially "satan your kingdom must come down." perfect music to enjoy some barbecue chicken or an ice cream cone to.
3:10 pm: JUNIOR BROWN. known for his "guit-steel," which is a double neck hybrid of electric guitar and lap steel guitar. quite the claim to fame!
4:20 pm: WANDA JACKSON. wanda is known as the queen of rockabilly, and was one of the first big female rockabilly singers in the 50s. she was quite the darling back then. can't wait to hear her now.

4:45 pm: EASTON CORBIN. i will have you know easton corbin was responsible for my first ever country-related facebook status. it was after i heard "a little more country than that" on the radio. go ahead and fall in love. you're welcome.

6 pm: JOSH TURNER. wow, i'm having a swoon-fest as i'm writing this post. just as i thought to myself, "easton corbin may be the cutest country boy i've ever seen," i'm reminded of josh turner. josh is known for his CRAZY low voice. in fact, just listen to the first few velvety rich notes of "why don't we just dance" while peering into those even velvetier blue eyes. holy crap, i'm UNCOMFORTABLY jealous of all the women that will be in his audience tomorrow night.

7:30 pm: CARRIE UNDERWOOD. it may be a blessing in disguise that i'm missing stagecoach. the accumulation of excitement from 4:45 pm on would undoubtedly cause some small-scale yet sufficiently embarrassing fainting-girl-at-a-michael jackson-concert reaction in me that would probably be unpleasant for all parties involved. i would also note that carrie's "mama" video even made my friend laura (quite the country music skeptic) tear up.
9:15 pm: RASCAL FLATTS. i interviewed for a summer position at disney's legal department awhile ago, and my interviewer was pretty distracted and rude when i arrived at the office. she apologized and explained that disney's country record label, lyric street (former home of rascal flatts and shedaisy), had officially gone under THAT MORNING. oh timing, how i have mastered thee. but fear not. rascal flatts are on big machine records now and doing better than ever!

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