Friday, April 29, 2011


i've come to terms with the fact that coachella (aka brochella) is pretty over. gone are the days when legitimate music fans would save up their money then agonize over pro/con lists to select which day of the festival to buy a ticket for. enter stagecoach, which is basically the country music coachella (coincidence that both names have "coach" in them? looking into it.). it also happens at the empire polo field in indio just a couple weeks after the coachella stank has melted away. i'm still coping with the fact that i can't go because of finals (law school begrudgingly leaving my life with a vengeance!), but now that set times have been announced, i can at least share my imaginary stage-hopping schedule here, then tune in to go country 105 all weekend to listen in live.

2 pm: THE CLEVERLYS. nothing like some banjo and bluegrass straight out of the ozarks to start your day.
3 pm: LUKAS NELSON & promise of the real. they made it on to both leno and letterman, so that's good enough for me.
3:30 pm: STEALING ANGELS. let's just say the first line of one of their songs is "i texted him 21 times and still my phone don't ring," and the song is called "he better be dead."

4:05 pm: PHOSPHORESCENT. this band is the most indie rock/emo friendly of all the stagecoach performers. "wolves" makes me feel like i'm watching a particularly sentimental episode of scrubs.

one of my new absolute favorites!!

6:15 pm: CHRIS YOUNG. his single "tomorrow" is one of the SEXIEST songs i've ever heard.

7:45 pm: DARIUS RUCKER (aka hootie of blowfish fame). he is my favorite male country artist. i love every single song of his i've heard and i would purchase a stagecoach ticket just to see him.
8:30 pm: KRIS KRISTOFFERSON. i will admit, the only thing this name meant to me was it was my nickname for my brother-in-law chris. but lo and behold, this man is responsible for writing "me and my bobby mcgee," my favorite janis joplin song. having kris kristofferson at stagecoach is like having leonard cohen at coachella, which i can say from personal experience was breathtaking.
9:30 pm: KENNY CHESNEY. to be honest with you, i'm not a big fan of "the boys of fall." i was a high school cheerleader and i attended both ucla and usc, so i GET how important football is to americans, but how did this single overshadow "live a little" so much? now THAT song is country music at its finest.

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