Friday, May 6, 2011

TIME CAPSULE: "me and bobby mcgee" by kris kristofferson

"if it sounds country, man, that's what it is. it's a country song." kris kristofferson.

"it has all the ingredients i like to hear in a song. all about freedom and travelin, even down to the red bandannas." willie nelson.

i didn't know me and bobby mcgee was a kris kristofferson original. he co-wrote it with fred foster (founder of monument records + producer of roy orbison's pretty woman) in 1969, and i believe this recording of kris singing it was made in 1970. i'm really diggin it and am studying for finals to it as we speak!

{me and bobby mcgee. kris kristofferson}

although originally recorded by roger miller in 1970, it arguably was made famous by janis joplin, whose version hit #1 posthumously in 1979. that's the version i know and love. but take a look below at just a taste of the SEVERAL artists who have covered this song, some more ridiculous than others. who gets your vote? dare i say i prefer pink's version to johnny cash's?

johnny cash (1972)

olivia newton-john + kenny rogers (1978)

leann rimes (1999)

pink (2004)

tori amos (2005)

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