Friday, February 24, 2012

is miranda lambert the only sane woman left?

once upon a time, chris brown decided to beat his famous and beautiful girlfriend, rihanna. everyone was shocked at his violence, stupidity, etc. and for three years he was pretty much blacklisted in the music industry, which made way for my not-so-secret favorite person jaysonnnn deruuulo. THEN a couple of weeks ago, the recording academy gave chris brown the best r&b album grammy, let him perform twice at the awards show, and said they were "glad to have him back." THEN a couple dozen idiots (idiot #8 nairee--i'm talking to you. does your armenian father know you're saying this shit!?) thought it would be sexy to say things like "shiiit he can beat me up all night if he wants" and "damn chris brown you can beat me anytime boo."
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but not my lovely miranda! she tweeted immediately after the grammys: "chris brown twice? i don't get it. he beat on a girl," and then again, "not cool that we act like that didn't happen. he needs to listen to gunpowder and lead and be put back in his place. not at the grammys." DAMN RIGHT, GIRL! she then saw this sign (above) being held up by a fan at a concert at the university of massachusetts while she sang her 2008 hit gunpowder and lead and thought it'd be awesome if she held it up and encouraged people to take pictures and post them on their twitter and everything. yall know how much i LOVE country star receptivity and interaction with fans. BUT THIS IS WHERE IT GETS STUPID.
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what does rihanna do after this empathetic and feisty grammy winner gets her proverbial back like whoa?? SHE RELEASES TWO NEW DUETS WITH CHRIS BROWN! in other words, see the picture on the right. oh LORD my nerves are so CRAZED over this! i'm not even going to link you to the remixed singles, that's how worthless they are to me. but i will link you to this insightful article.

i wouldn't be surprised if miranda was like "wtf rihanna! i got your back and this is how you repay me?" not that rihanna owes anyone anything, and not that miranda will stick her nose in rihanna's personal life choices, but nonetheless, this shit is whack! how many times did i say the word "shit" in this article!? ugh. that's how upset i am.  and there's no way to relieve this anger than by rocking out to miranda's kind-of-disturbing-but-really-just-about-girl-power anthem, gunpowder and lead. enjoy!

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