Sunday, August 14, 2011

SAY WHAT: copenhagen.

from his wranglers to his boots
he reminded me of chris ledoux
and that copenhagen smile.
yeah, country must be country wide.
country must be country wide, brantley gilbert

in a muddy pair of jeans
with that copenhagen ring,
no need to change a thing.
hey y'all, i'm going out with my boots on.
- boots on, randy houser

after hearing both these songs on the radio in a single afternoon, i finally broke down and said "hold the phone! what does denmark have to do with anything??" maybe these guys are just very in touch with their danish roots. maybe they all came over on the same viking ship. hell, what do i know? let's just say my hypothesis was a little off:

so, with this definition in hand, let's dissect the above lyrics. a copenhagen smile is the way a cowboy, like will rogers pictured below, smiles when he has a wad of chewing tobacco in one cheek! and what's a copenhagen ring? it's what becomes indented in your back jeans pocket from carrying around a can of chew!
copenhagen things.

i'm actually pretty familiar with this wardrobe phenomenon. all my jeans while i was in college had an embarrassing outline of my bruin card, that just screamed "hi, i live in rieber hall. sure, i'll come to your frat party!" i know, i know, white girl problems. anyway, after being schooled in this bad ass cowboy vocab, check out one of the songs now suckas. you're welcome.

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