Wednesday, July 20, 2011

reba: the cover artist.

so the acm awards often do really cool and unpredictable duets (jennifer nettles and rihanna at this last one, anyone?). in 2007, reba paired up with kelly clarkson for kelly's "because of you," which was so popular that i heard a duet version on the radio pretty often after that. here is their performance at the award show, which i quite like despite the kinda freaky siamese twin set up they've got going.

and more recently, reba has been broadening her cover artist horizons with...wait for it...beyonce! this one's a pure, good ol'-fashioned cover, with a music video and everything. i don't know how i feel about it yet. it was pretty ridiculous to hear the go country 105 dj call it "reba's new one" but not as ridiculous as hearing reba say she'd "kick it with who i wanted." oh dear is right!

but, let's face it. reba's still a genius, and her fiery red hair looks DAMN good against that emerald green dress.

did i ever tell you guys about the time i saw her at napa valley grille in westwood? she saw the waiter pour some cream into my roasted red bell pepper soup from the next table and said, "ooh, i'll have what she's havin!" naturally, i pretended i didn't hear her then proceeded to run to the restroom to call my mother. "mama!" i squealed. "she's havin' what i'm havin'!" so anyway, we're like, best friends now.

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