Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SAY WHAT: eating crow.

eating crow.
{today's vocabulary lesson thanks to the band perry, on tour now with tim mcgraw}

okay, being completely honest and not cocky here, i'm like, REALLY smart. seriously. i just happen to have a very competent head on my shoulders. having said that, and having been born in the scenic islamic republic of iran (yes, all my hardcore tea party country music fans, it's true), even the smartest person can't be expected to know the unique expressions of home-grown americans.

so, as the ESL country music fan that i am, i turned to a real-life, home-grown american one day and asked, "what's that saying where you, like, eat the crow? it means you're in a situation where someone could say 'IN YO FACE!' right?" it turns out i wasn't too far off in interpreting these opening lyrics of the band perry's you lie after all. to hear it used in a sentence, click below:

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