Monday, May 23, 2011


alright kiddies. for the recalcitrant of you who think you still may not have the stomach for country music, i'm going to ease you into this with my all new "branching out" series. i'll do the footwork and find an amazing not-so-country artist you may already know and love, and then use my human pandora skills to help you branch out to a very-much-so country artist that you will surely learn to adore in time. so here goes:

composition: mumford + sons is made up of 4 guys from england and the zac brown band is made up of 6 guys from georgia.

sound: both bands have a mandolin player, and mumford + sons even rocks the banjo, which is pretty much as country as zac brown band's all-important fiddle.

awards: mumford + sons was nominated for the best new artist grammy in 2010, the same award the zac brown band WON in 2009.

cool collabs: mumford + sons acted as bob dylan's backing band when he performed at the 2011 grammies, and james taylor performed with the zac brown band on the band's hit "colder weather" at the 2011 acm awards.

moment of truth:
mumford + sons

zac brown band

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